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2/10/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Arcata Marsh

Community comes together to cleanup the Marsh: 4,000+ pounds of garbage removed from Arcata Marsh in 60 minutes!

This past Saturday marked one of the messiest cleanups we have ever organized. Following a 60-minute cleanup session, we were all in need of a good shower, having filled up a 20-yard dumpster! Approximately 4,000 pounds of wet, muddy trash were removed during this time, focusing mainly on the camps around Western, Eastern, and Brackish Ponds. Collaborating with the local homeless community, they gathered most of the trash in one spot for us to collect. While there is still a significant amount left, a long-term strategy is essential to address the ongoing issue. We are ready to assist, but we realize we are not the sole solution. For those permitted to camp in the area, the provision of dumpsters and bathrooms is crucial to manage both waste and sanitation. Additionally, we gathered over 200 needles from the Arcata Marsh and are eager to collaborate with the City of Arcata to devise a more effective plan for waste management in and around the marsh.

  • Volunteers: 24
  • Weight: 4000+ lbs (estimated weight) – We completely filled up our 20 yard dumpster…again! 
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 3
  • Sponsors: Los Bagels
  • Cleanup Collaborators: City of Arcata

Supervisor Mike Wilson got muddy with us today! Thank you Mike!

This week’s raffle winners!

Los Bagels Gift Card

Redwoods T-Shirt

Binocular Flask - Donated by POGT Volunteer Robbin Kohn

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