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2/24/24 – Post Cleanup Report – McKinleyville 90 Minute Trash Bash

During the cleanup, we collected a significant amount of discarded items left out in the open. Just like in previous McKinleyville cleanups, we continue to face challenges with the abundance of unattended “FREE” piles around town, which constitutes illegal dumping. Instead of leaving items exposed to the elements, consider donating them to second-hand shops or post them for free on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Placing items on the curb with a “FREE” sign leads to quick deterioration and creates a littering issue. Often, we end up clearing these items from abandoned homeless camps during our cleanups, which not only impacts the appearance of your neighborhood but also poses a hazard. Let’s show respect for our town, community, and neighbors by refraining from leaving items on the curb. Either find them a new home or post them online for free pickup.

In addition to addressing the “FREE” piles, we also tackled litter, illegal dumping sites, and cleaned up abandoned homeless camps. A big thank you to all the volunteers who participated. We look forward to seeing everyone again in McKinleyville in April.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we were able to fill up the dumpster and make a significant impact. If you’re interested in supporting our weekly cleanups, please consider donating raffle prizes such as gift cards or items with a value of around $10-$20. Contact us at to learn more.

Support the people, organizations and businesses that protect our beautiful open spaces!

Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 19 people and 1 dog
  • Raffle Winners: 3
  • Raffle Prizes: Los Bagels Gift Card, Six Rivers Brewery Gift Cards, and Fankies Bagel Gift Cards
  • Weight: 3100 lbs trash (estimated), 1 desk, 1 EZ-Up, lots of furniture and more! Lots of garbage from “FREE” piles left out and abandoned homeless camps (verified abandoned by the homeless community). 
  • Time: 90 Minute Trash Bash

Raffle Winners

Six Rivers Brewery Gift Cards

Frankie's Bagels Gift Card

Los Bagels Gift Card