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3/30/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Cooper Gulch – Eureka

Exciting Update on Cooper Gulch Park

Following last Saturday’s cleanup, Cooper Gulch Park is now in its best shape ever! Take some time to enjoy the park’s improved appearance. During the cleanup, we encountered challenges in locating trash – we thoroughly searched every area, and most of the trash picked up on Saturday was traced back to an abandoned camp along Harrison, outside the park. After an hour of effort, we managed to collect approximately 100 lbs of trash within the park, 750 lbs of trash total. Additionally, we discovered a bucket of needles, which we disposed of appropriately. The City of Eureka recently collaborated with city staff and the CCC to remove over 6,000 lbs of trash in the past months. Many thanks to the City of Eureka for their efforts! With the weather improving and April arriving, now is the perfect time to enhance the park’s condition for outdoor activities.

Simultaneously, an invasive species removal volunteer group was also active in the park during our cleanup. Some of our volunteers assisted them since we had difficulty finding trash.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who participated – your contributions are invaluable to these cleanups! Join us next week for our bi-monthly 90 Minute Trash Bash. Visit for more details.

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Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 30 people and 1 dogs
  • Raffle Winners: 3
  • Weight: 750+ lbs trash
  • Time: 60 Minute Trash Bash
  • Sponsors: Los Bagels, Pacific Outfitters & Coast Central Credit Union

Raffle Winners

Los Bagels Gift Card

Coast Central Credit Union Coffee Package

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