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4/6/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Eureka Trash Bash – Eureka Waterfront Trail

Another successful cleanup took place at Vigo after at least six months since our last visit. The spot was quite messy, with both abandoned and active camps spotted during our scouting mission the day before. Notably, there were numerous large abandoned camps and scattered garbage everywhere, hindering our Rhino side-by-side from accessing certain areas. Our efforts began by clearing the trails of garbage, allowing our Rhino to move freely. Subsequently, we tackled several large abandoned camps and trash piles located behind Chipotle, along the gravel road leading to the bay trail, and in the open space before the bay trail. Within just 90 minutes, we managed to fill a 40-yard dumpster despite the heavy, wet garbage. The team worked tirelessly during this period, making a significant positive impact on these green spaces. A big thank you to everyone who contributed their time and effort to help out!

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Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 45 people and 2 dogs
  • Raffle Prizes: Lots of great prizes from STIL Humboldt!
  • Weight: 7400+ lbs trash (estimate)
  • Time: 90 Minute Trash Bash

Lost of WET garbage that day!

Raffle Winners

Everyone's a winner thanks to the gifts from STIL Humboldt

Cleanup Collaborators