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4/13/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Samoa Dunes & Wetlands – Friends of the Dunes

This location was unfamiliar to us. Recently acquired by Friends of the Dunes, the property underwent significant effort to clear litter from this dune and wetland area. The main focus was on a specific spot, which turned out to be a nearly 2-mile trek! Although the distance was unexpected, our volunteers persevered until reaching the destination. After loading up our wheel carts, we embarked on the journey back to the truck, totaling just under 4 miles.

Despite the extended duration, everyone was rewarded with a free meal card for Applebee’s restaurant. We regret the unforeseen distance and delay, and commit to adhering to a strict 60- or 90-minute timeframe in the future. Exploring new locations can bring unexpected challenges.

A special thank you goes out to the dedicated volunteers who supported Friends of the Dunes in managing their new property. We invite the community to visit; contact Friends of the Dunes for a gate code for secure parking. The entrance to their new property is on the West side of New Navy Base road, opposite the turnoff to Samoa Cook House.

  • Weight: 700 lbs (estimated weight) – Mainly one large garbage pile that we hiked almost 2 miles to. 
  • Volunteers: 15
  • Time: 60 minutes – However is was actually around 100 minutes. 
  • Raffle Winners: Everyone!
  • Sponsors: Applebee’s Restaurant

This week’s raffle winners!


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