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5/11/24 – Post Cleanup Report – HWY 255 – Adopt A Highway

Another successful cleanup was completed along our Adopt-A-Highway route near the three bridges leading to Samoa. Various small pieces of litter, such as items tossed from car windows, blown from truck beds, or dropped by garbage trucks, were collected. It is essential to retrieve this debris to prevent it from reaching the bay and being carried out to the ocean, where it may be lost forever. The morning turned out beautifully, providing a fantastic start to the weekend. A big thank you to all the volunteers who participated!

Special appreciation goes out to Coast Central Credit Union for assisting us in cleaning up and for their generous $350 donation towards our cause!

Support the people, organizations, and businesses that support our environment! 

  • Volunteers: 24
  • Weight: 280 lbs (estimated weight) – lots of cigarette butts, little liquor bottles, fast food wrappers, car parts and more! 
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: 4
  • Sponsors: Vasque Footwear, Pacific Outfitters, Los Bagels & Coast Central Credit Union. 

Raffle Winners

Cool Vasque Beanie!

Vasque Waterbottle

Los Bagels Gift Card

Pacific Outfitters Gift Card

Cleanup Location: