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5/25/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Arcata Marsh & Bay Trail – South G. Street

On a lovely Saturday morning on South G Street near the Arcata Marsh, our cleanup event was in full swing. Simultaneously, the Arcata Marsh was hosting their own workday focused on removing invasive species and restoration. Apart from tending to the Arcata Marsh, our efforts extended to cleaning the roadside along South G Street up to its junction with Highway 101, which runs parallel to the Bay Trail. Between these areas, we collected just over 1,000 pounds of trash! It was a fantastic start to the kinetic weekend, as kinetic sculptures began arriving at the plaza once our cleanup concluded. A big thank you to all the volunteers who came out to support and beautify Arcata, including several new volunteers who joined us that day. They are eager to return for future events!

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Cleanup Details:  

  • Volunteers: 19 people and 1 dogs
  • Raffle Winners: 3
  • Weight: 1000+ lbs trash
  • Time: 60 Minute Trash Bash
  • Sponsors: Los Bagels & Pacific Outfitters

Raffle Winners

Los Bagels Gift Card

Los Bagels Gift Card

Pacific Outfitters Gift Card