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11/21/20 – Post Cleanup Report – Mad River Tails – Arcata, CA

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Cleanup Details: The trails along the Mad River Banks at Giuntoli look much better now that we cleared a lot of the garbage out of there. However, there is still lots of garbage out there and around 3-4 live camps. Right now the camps are creating an environmental disaster out there. They’ve even cut down several of the medium to larger trees in the forest (see pictures). This section of forest is going to need a solid restoration and maintenance plan in order to be used by our local community. We are willing to help with some of the maintenance, but what can be done about the restoration of that forest?

  • Volunteers: 51 – Thank you to everyone that made it out to this cleanup!
  • Weight: 2400 lbs, 18 needles, 6 tire, 15 bike frames, 9 shopping carts, and more! That comes out to 27 lbs a minute or 48 lbs per volunteer!
  • Time: 90 minutes
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