Pacout Green Team / Post Cleanup Reports  / 9/25/21 – Post Cleanup Report – Mad River Beach – Sponsored by Royal Gold Potting Soil & Six Rivers Brewery

9/25/21 – Post Cleanup Report – Mad River Beach – Sponsored by Royal Gold Potting Soil & Six Rivers Brewery

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Join us this Saturday in Eureka at Vigo Street (In N’ Out parking lot) for a 90 Minute Trash Bash with STIL and ECO Eureka.

Mad River Beach is known for having lots of bonfires. Many of the bonfires were created using wood pallets. Over the past 7 years we’ve picked up 100’s of pallets. Based on what we’ve picked up, we’ve determined that the average wood pallet has on average of 80 nails. Therefore, burning several pallets at a bonfire can leave behind 100’s and even 1,000+ rusty, sharp nails behind. These nails are at the surface of the sand. Add a little wind and these nails are just under the surface. Out of site but not out of range from being stepped on by Adults, Kids, and Animals. We picked up roughly 7 gallons of nails in 60 minutes with our magnets. That comes out to 1,000 of nails. Great job everyone!

Cleanup Details:

  • Volunteers: 16
  • Weight: 50 lbs (estimate), 1,000’s of sharp rusty nails, and more!
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Sponsor: Royal Gold Potting Soil  &  Six Rivers Brewery
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