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6/8/24 – Post Cleanup Report – Mad River Beach, Arcata – World Ocean Day!

A big thank you to Wild Planet Foods for generously donating a variety of their products for our World Ocean Day cleanup event! Today, our focus was on removing rusty nails from old fire pits on the beach. This particular beach is well-known for its abundance of fire pits where people often burn pallets and scrap wood, unknowingly leaving behind nails and staples. Each pallet can contain around 80-100 nails, so a bonfire with 10 pallets can leave over 1000 rusty nails behind. In just one day, the breeze can cover these nails with sand, making them invisible and hazardous. In short, it’s crucial to use natural wood to prevent this issue. Additionally, we cleaned up a significant amount of trash from the parking lot and the road leading to it. A huge thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and the supportive community for making this cleanup possible!

A big shoutout to Sunny Brea Middle School! They organized a bake sale and used the proceeds to buy a generous gift card from Murphy’s Market, which they then donated as one of the prizes for this weekend’s cleanup event.

  • Volunteers: 26
  • Weight: 600 lbs (estimated weight)
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Raffle Winners: Everyone!
  • Sponsors: Wild Planet Foods and Sunny Brea Middle School

This week’s raffle winners!

Prizes for everyone thanks to Wild Planet Foods for their generous donation!

Sonny Brea Middle Schools students raised money and donated a large Murphy's Market gift card to our cleanup!

Winner of the Murphy's Market Gift Card!

Cleanup Location: