2/3/18 Post Cleanup Report Elk River Intersection & Bay Trail

We had a fantastic turnout this weekend! 33 people to be exact. We cleaned up the Elk River Road intersection, the park and ride, and a couple abandoned illegal camps along the South entrance of Eureka’s Bay Trail. Our haul came out to 8 tires, 44 hypodermic needles, and over 1,000 lbs of trash. Thank you Miles Slattery of the City of Eureka for giving us a large dumpster to use! We would also like to thank Take Back Eureka¬†and Fortuna Creeks Project for supporting out event and contributing to the great turnout. LACO was this weeks sponsor. Our sponsors keep PacOut Green Team going year after year. LACO is a “Greenest” sponsor. They also sponsor our Mendocino Chapter. Thank you so much for your support LACO. Thank you to everyone, all the volunteers. You all are making a huge positive impact in our County. Everyone kicked butt and South Eureka looks so much better now.